REI’s Labor Day Weekend Sale Is Here: 15 Must-Buy Items

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Maybe we’re being obvious here, but there’s something really special about being outdoors. Getting out into nature has been shown to increase mental health happiness and relieve anxiety, and activities like hiking can strengthen your bones and improve your heart health—and that’s just for starters. For Labor Day weekend, REI (The company for all your outdoor needs) is hosting a big sale event that includes thousands of items for all your outdoor needs. So if you’ve been meaning to stock up, there’s no better time than the present.

Now through September 5, REI is slashing prices on basically everything you need for fun in the sun. Think: camping gear, bike rigs, running shoes, hydration bladders… the works. Plus, REI Co-op members will enjoy extra Price drops, so if you haven’t signed up for their $30 lifetime (yes, lifetime) membership, now’s the time, family. If you enjoy the great outdoors, a co-op membership is well worth your time.

Below, shop our favorite picks—whether you’re a runner, hiker, or someone who just likes to chill under the stars.

Camping deals

NEMO Disco 30 Sleeping Bag – Women’s — $195.00

$195, originally $250

This sleeping bag is rated for 30-degree temperatures and features PFC-free for a restful night’s sleep. Of course, it’s important to remember that a 30-degree bag is actually code for a 50-degree bag (camping hall confusing)So don’t plan on relying on this guy for four seasons.

Eureka Lowrider Chair – $45.00

$45, originally $60

When all that hiking is said and done, and you’re ready to kick back with some s’mores, you will power A comfortable chair is required. This option weighs just five pounds and folds small so it won’t take up much space in your trunk.

Marmot Tungsten 3P Tent with Footprint — $224.00

$224, originally $300

This roomy, three-person tent is just perfect for you, TBH. That way, you can spread out, relax, and even ditch the rain fly to look up at the stars. (But yes, it’s technically made for three people, which is perfect for you, your partner or friend, and your dog.)

Xped Ultra 7R Sleeping Pad — $172.00

$172, originally $230

Enjoy a luxurious sleep experience with Exped’s 3.5-inch thick pad. Reviewers rave about how comfortable this pad is. However, they note that you need to distribute your weight evenly across the surface – otherwise, you will power Feel the ground.

Hiking deals

Osprey Eja 58 Pack – Women’s — $195.00

$195, originally $260

Osprey famously makes some of the best hiking packs money can buy—and the Eja 58 is no exception. Five star reviewer Hilary says it all. “Great lightweight pack for weekend warriors or light three- to four-day hikes. The pack makes us versatile and compact when full power isn’t needed,” he says.

You have a choice between 55-liter or 58-liter options, and this bag is made of 100 percent recyclable materials.

Fitness apparel deals

Patagonia Endless Run Shorts – Women’s — $49.00

$50, originally $70

See, there are two opinions when it comes to running shorts: You either prefer loose-fitting, free-flowing fabrics or tight materials that stick close to the skin. For the latter group (friends!), these shorts are as good as it gets. With lots of pockets and stretchy, sweat-wicking material, Endless Run Shorts are really designed for runs that are, well, to feel endless

Brooks Dare Crossback Bra – $30.00

$30, originally $60

I will swear to my grave that this is the best running bra on the market. Whether you’re training for a half marathon or a full 26.2, you can rest assured that this dress will never sag below the bust (miracles do happen). It’s also sized by band and cup size, creating a close fit that feels designed for your body

The sneaker deal

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Road-Running Shoes – Women’s – $90.00

$90, originally $120

IMO, these are the black leggings of running shoes: they’re versatile, comfortable and universally loved I’m currently on my fourth pair of Pegasus, and their springy rubber and foam soles never let me down. The best running shoes are the ones you forget you’re wearing, and I forget these babies time and time again (and again).

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