Relieve pain with this 5 minute seated stretch routine

In The first episode of the new series Well stretched, East River Pilates instructor Brian Spencer guides viewers through an extended routine that you’ve probably wished a million times: Seated stretch you can do anywhere from the middle seat of a packed plane to your desk. These stretches work to connect your buttocks, neck, shoulders and even a small, but so important, muscle near your gluteus called the piriformis. If you are looking for something to relax in your life, this is the opening episode Well stretched Will definitely pay.

Spencer begins by showing you how to stretch a modified cat and cow while sitting. This can be a life saver if your muscles are very tired. Then, he will pull you gently over your head to stretch your upper trapezius muscle, which can relieve tight shoulders and reduce neck pain.

Next, Spencer asks you to cross your legs and stretch some buttocks and periformis. The piriformis is a small muscle in your left that runs along the largest nerves in your lower body. When this muscle is irritated, swollen, tense or sore, it can put pressure on these large nerves. This often happens when you sit for a while — so this stretching work will come in handy when trying to prevent or ease any pain.

What Spencer can do in this five minute stretch routine is amazing. You don’t need anything for this extended routine, probably the neighbors on the plane who are not sleeping on your shoulders. Tune in and let Spencer be your guide.

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