Relieve your pain with these stretches for tight hips

T.Buttocks are one of the most crankiest parts of the body. According to Johns Hopkins University, these vital ball-and-socket joints carry the weight loss of our bodies and, as a result, are at risk for injury, pain, and restriction of movement. Tension in the ligaments and muscles around the joint is very common, and according to the Mayo Clinic, you may have pain in the outside of your buttocks, buttocks or thighs.

One solution? Stretching and moving often instead of sitting in the same position for long periods of time. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. But if you have tight hips and 12 minutes left, the latest episode of Well + Goods Well stretched Go with Chloe Pilates instructor Chloe De Winter has exactly what you and your hips are looking for.

This quick, beginner-friendly hip-focused workout allows your blood to flow and open your hips. Without the need for tools or any prior experience, there are some unique extensions to this slow, patient, informative routine that can become your secret weapon when the pain of that afternoon 3 shifts you to your seat.

Because of this handful of stretch routines, great for TBH. According to the Mayo Clinic, your buttocks can support improved range of motion, flexibility and range of motion in the open hips, legs and back. Keeping the area loose and open can improve posture, strengthen used muscles while maintaining balance, and even promote a better mood during your day that allows you to move and sit with less tension.

De Winter begins this session with a deep, standing stretch called the forward fold, where both legs are placed far apart in a wide straddle and you reach the floor by bending your upper body at the waist. You will probably feel it across your hamstrings, quads and inner thighs.

Other stretches include long lunges, tabletop hip circles in baby postures, sitting pigeons, and butterfly postures for a mix of standing and sitting postures, as well as some on your knees. Throughout, De Winter guides you to find the exact locations where you will find the best stretch to open your hips deeper and how to take advantage of breathing to help your body release.

So take a comfortable mat and your favorite workout outfit to stretch for 12 minutes. Repeat whenever you need to show some love to your tight hips.

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