See how cyclist and photographer Roman Siromakha uses his Fitbit to fuel himself

Roman Siromakha is an activist—when he’s not teaching a fitness class, training a client, or taking photos, he’s riding his bike, playing beach volleyball, or taking his puppy for a walk around Brooklyn. Roman moved from Ukraine to New York City at the age of 11 with his single mother who hoped for a better future for her and her son there. Roman says his mother is the person who taught him to always strive to be better, and he credits Fitbit as a tool he uses to do just that.

Roman discovered Fitbit because he wanted to track his energy and optimize his workouts and recovery. He explains, “Without data, you’re going with feelings. You have a double shot of espresso and you’re like, ‘I’m ready to do something.’ And then your body is like, ‘Ah, slow down, you slept four hours last night. You don’t want to do this to yourself.’

Despite living in the city that never sleeps, Roman prioritizes his sleep above all else. “Sleep is when we recover, when we grow,” he explains. Within moments of waking up, he checks his sleep score to gain insight into how he slept the night before. The score helps Roman get an idea of ​​trends in his sleep patterns, in addition to heart rate, wake time and restless, sleep stages.

Next, he checks his daily readiness score—a score based on activity, sleep, and heart rate variability. “I build my day around these numbers,” he says of deciding how hard to train each day. He’s a firm believer that recovery is just as important as training, so if his scores are on the low side, he’ll take a rest day, which is admittedly difficult for him to do. And on days when his readiness score is high (30 or higher), he’ll go for harder workouts or longer bike rides. He loved riding his bike outside the city, crossing bridges to discover new parks, neighborhoods and trails.

Cycling was much more than exercise for the Romans. “I go for a bike ride, come back and I can see things better, I understand things, I can think more clearly.” He says that he feels most creative when he is cycling. Combined with insights from his Fitbit Charge 5, Roman can tune in more closely with himself, coach clients more empathetically, and capture more magical moments on his bike and through his lens.

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