You want to exercise, but you can’t find the energy. You want to eat well, but your addiction to sweets plagues you throughout the day.

Get ready to discover a delicious nutritional duo that will help you achieve your goals more easily. Introducing the all-new shake and activate.

It combines two of our best-selling Beachbody Performance Shakeology and Energy in a 20-serving pack.

How can shake and active help you?

Whether you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey or looking to develop more nutritious and beneficial habits, the new Shake & Activate gives you the delicious nutrition and motivation you need to reach your fitness goals.

Beachbody Performance Shakeology and Energies is a delicious, superfood-rich dessert and a healthy dietary supplement to fuel your workouts.

They will encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and help you keep up with your active life.

  • Shakeology provides the nutritional foundation your body needs to function at its best—and feel its best—while delighting your taste buds.
  • Energize’s healthy formula delivers targeted nutrients to help you motivate, work harder and feel great while you sweat, so you can get the most out of your workout.

While each of these products is great on its own, the combination of Shakeology and Energize can help you stay on track with fitness and nutrition, which are crucial to living a healthy, happy and healthy life. balanced

Treat yourself to a superfood-rich dessert every day with Shakeology

You may have heard the phrase, “You get out of your body what you put into it.”

Nothing else is true.

Your body was designed to function on a balanced, omnivorous diet, consisting primarily of plants and all the goodness they contain.

It’s great for your body, but maybe not so much for your sweet tooth.

Eat more sweets with our deliciously creamy, superfood-rich smoothies.

It allows you to indulge your sweet tooth while giving your body the performance nutrients it needs. i i l need

Shakeology’s unique blend of superfood-rich ingredients gives you more than you need to help nourish your body at its best: phytonutrient-dense super vegetables, functional mushrooms, berries and antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs, plus premium protein, Bacillus coagulans and fiber (which most people much more important than imagined).

Our exclusive 5-in-1 formula works on multiple body systems and functions to help you achieve your best self, in the easiest and most fun way.

(Because not everyone has time to massage their kale or forage for mushrooms and make them delicious).

Enjoy your workouts with the pure power of Energize

Need a little extra training boost?

Energize is here to boost your good vibes before you even break a sweat.

Featuring a healthy and powerful formula tested by Informed Sport [certifiée]Energize helps you get motivated, in rhythm, and makes your workouts easier.

It can even act as a catalyst and help you enjoy your workouts, if you don’t already.

Energize also helps you increase your stamina and work performance, which means you’ll work better without realizing it and get the results you’re looking for faster.

And when you see those results (muscle arms here!) and enjoy your workouts, you’ll be much more likely to stick with your fitness routine.

Why should I eat better if I exercise?

Some people think they don’t need to worry about what they eat when they exercise, but in reality you need more nutrients to help your body regenerate and recover. Recover from all the hard work you do.

If you don’t eat enough protein, for example, you won’t be able to build the strength and lean muscle mass you’re looking for.

If you train hard and don’t give your body enough nutrients like minerals, vitamin C, and antioxidants, you may feel tired or fatigued all the time and find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise.

Can I take Shakeology and Energy every day?

You’ll get the most benefits from Energize and Shakeology if you consume them daily, even on non-workout days.

But that’s not how everyone works, and that’s normal: that’s why we created Shake and Activate.

With 20 servings of Shakeology and Energize, Shake and Bust aligns perfectly with your workout days to help keep you on track, energized and motivated for your workout or work day.

By feeding your body our nutritious and beneficial shakes five days a week, you’ll not only notice a big difference in how you approach your daily workouts, but also in your overall health.

The same goes for consuming Energize before every workout.

When is the best time to take Shakeology and Energize?

On training days, you can enjoy all the benefits of Energize 30 minutes before your workout.

When it comes to Shakeology, you have more options: you can drink it on workout days, on weekdays, on days you work hard, or any other day. A sweet treat rich in superfoods

However, whichever day you choose, consistency is key and that’s why we recommend drinking it every day.

If you only drink Shakeology five times a week, add it to another existing routine, such as exercising or eating breakfast.

When you layer a routine on top of a routine you already have, you’re much more likely to adopt it.

Just log it in the BOD app every day, just like your workout.

Just as a few servings of vegetables a week isn’t enough, neither will a serving of Shakeology here and there. Consistency is essential.

What else should I know about Shake and Activate?

You can buy Shake and Activate as part of your Sure Thing Full Solution Pack (or any other Full Solution Pack), or get Duo separately, as a standalone product that you can even subscribe to monthly.

Shakeology comes in 20 individual packets and Energize comes in 20 individual sticks.

When you purchase Shake & Activate, you have the option to choose from our most popular flavors: deliciously comforting Vegan Chocolate Shakeology or delicious and creamy Vegan Vanilla Shakeology; and Lemon Energize, sweet and tangy, or Fruit Punch Energize, fresh and juicy.

No matter which flavor you choose, Shake and Move helps you get the nutrition you need while you’re exercising and starting a new health and wellness regimen, all the more appetizing.

Consider Shakeology and empower your staunch allies to help you stay on track in your fitness and nutrition journey.

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