Stretches for tight shoulders to increase mobility

YYou know that feeling of sitting down at the end of a long day when you’ve gone from limber scarecrow to a solid tin man? If that mental image focuses on your tight shoulders or aching neck, I have great news. Its latest episode well stretched Well+Good with Chloe De Winter, Pilates instructor and founder of Go with Chlo Pilates, dives deep into stretches for tight shoulders. By the time you finish this 15-minute video, you’ll feel like skipping down the yellow brick road

To begin, de Winter has you sit on the floor and focus on your mind and breath. This can help relax your nervous system, which will make each stretch easier to access and deepen. Sometimes, he says, people’s bodies may ache and want to stretch or rub the affected area. The truth is that it takes time and humility to calm your body, so starting from the floor, reach one arm to your chest (holding it with the other) where you begin to relax into this stretch for tight shoulders.

Next, de winter you need to experiment with a few stretches with different intensities. He does this to remind the audience that everyone is unique and therefore not everyone’s areas of excitement will be the same. He encourages you to gradually lean into a stretch until you find that sweet spot of certain tightness that really needs some TLC.

Then, de Winter asks you to do a series of dynamic stretches, which means you loosen up all the muscles surrounding them and move fluidly instead of holding them for long periods of time to increase the mobility of your shoulder joint. Exercises include cat and cow and thoracic spinal rotation (aka thread the needle) which will help loosen up your middle and upper back as well.

So if you’re tired and stressed after a long day—or just looking for a really good warm-up before an upper-body workout—this is the perfect routine for you.

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