Th Saysh Maternity Returns Policy offers sneaker exchanges

T.She is transformed into the human body in countless subtle (and not so subtle) ways throughout a pregnancy. The heartbeat is fast. The curve of the lumbar spine for having a baby. And increases the rate of respiration to supply more oxygen. One of the lesser known pregnancy symptoms? Growing Legs – A study has found that the length of legs of most people increases by 2 and 10 millimeters during pregnancy. But that’s something Track & Field Olympian Alison Felix hopes to draw more attention to with the new maternity return policy of her footwear brand Saish – and the address of help.

An outspoken advocate for maternal rights and advocacy তিনি she was publicly criticized by her former sponsor, Nike, for failing to pay female athletes during maternity leave or provide maternity protection-Felix says she personally struggled with leg amputation during pregnancy. . That’s why, in April, the Saysh Maternity Returns Policy, which allows people who want to trade their old Saish shoes for a larger, more comfortable size, came into effect.

“At Saysh, we don’t want our customers to accept that sacrifice, especially when it comes to their shoes,” Lauren Phillips, the brand’s head of products, said in a press release. Phillips drafted the policy with Saish adviser Tiffany Bears. “Tiffany and I were inspired by Alison’s own pregnancy story and wanted to make an offer that sets a precedent, just as Alison is on and off the track. We hope Saish could be the catalyst behind this larger movement.”

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The Saysh Maternity Returns Policy is part of a growing trend towards a more women-centric way of looking at women’s footwear. Last month, Lululemon introduced a running shoe designed specifically for women (sneakers typically follow the “shrink brick and pink it” model for designing men’s sneakers, then adapted as a suitable thought for women).. Adidas took a similar step towards the end of 2021. All of which seem like a step in the right direction.

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