The bala jump rope enhances any indoor cardio routine

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In middle school, I was the double Dutch champion on the playground (at least … that’s how I remember). I don’t know what happened then and now, but Muscle Memory didn’t treat me kindly and I can’t jump rope to save my life. So when I got the chance to try the new weighted rope made by Baller, which probably makes the most aesthetically-friendly fitness gear, I thought: We will be This would be polite.

For those who are not yet familiar with Bala’s cool-toned workout equipment, the brand manufactures everything from ankle weights to power rings to foam rollers. And unlike other workout tools, which tend to be eye-catching (I mean the most loving way), Bala enhances your home decor while helping you slot into a killer workout.

With its new weighted jump rope, Bala has greatly enhanced his cardio game. So if you’re looking for a way to break a sweat without leaving your apartment, this is it, folks. But wait, there’s a twist! As if jumping rope wasn’t enough for a challenge already, this guy is equipped with half-pound weight handles to help fuse your cardio and strength training together.


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When I unbox my brace jump rope, I’m glad that the length of the rope is easy to adjust so you can’t twist it. (For what it’s worth, the length of the jump rope is important: when you step on the rope, the farthest ends of the cord should be shoulder height, not the handles.) This is an instant win.

I adjust the cord, push all the furniture to the far end of my living room, and find a good + well Instructor of the month club Video to guide me. Luckily, coach Amanda Cluts is on my back. After watching a short video of Jump Roping 101 (please send help), I tell myself it will be okay. And then, I call my high school.

Class begins with a one minute jump “at your own pace”. It turns out that, for me, that means three failed after one successful jump. Then, with compassion, Cluts hints at Planck’s position — which somehow feels effortless, even after such a difficult display of hopping in place.

As far as convenience goes, there is a lot to love about rope jumping. It speeds up your heart rate, improves your endurance, increases your speed and agility, and allows you to fit in a quality workout when you have limited time.

I try to remind myself of all these successful reasons because Cluts says move out of move. We use jump rope for all kinds of exercises – some strength-based and some cardio-based. At the end of 12 minutes, my breathing stopped, my cat stared at me with wide, WTF eyes, and the half-pound weight didn’t feel so heavy.

I can’t say that the Bala Jump Rope has changed my mind about this form of indoor cardio – I still think I’m kind of running-slash-biking – but it has taken me away from my normal fitness routine and let me know, I’m fine Not so fast. And now, I have a new fitness goal to work on.

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