The Beachbody Challenge is changing!

Our CEO, Karl Diekeler, recently shared his vision for the future in an open letter titled “Can we start again, please?” » He explains its meaning actually Our transition from “Beachbody” to “BODi”.

If you haven’t done so yet, read it Now it’s important.

Our transformation as a company goes beyond a simple name change. It’s not about that no A superficial update.

Rather, it represents rejection To monetize the entrepreneurial model inherited from the economy of imperfection and the desire for comparison.

For decades, the fitness industry has sold the idea that “if you look good, you’ll be happy”. We don’t think so.

“Happiness and beauty are not connected,” Carl said: “When we feel good we are happy. »

the truth is you Can you feel better? And have a positive self-esteem throughout your transformation journey. feel good Not just at the ‘end’ of a fitness routine or when you’re taking your ‘after’ photos.

Your success begins when you realize and accept the person you are today, when you realize what really matters to you, and when you strive to grow that feeling.

This type of success is the future of the fitness and nutrition industry, and is at the heart of the category. health respect.

As we explore success through the lens of Health Esteem, we’re reimagining our primary way to reward and differentiate customer success stories: the conversion contest. Beachbody Challenge.

Over the past 11 years, nearly 500,000 clients have submitted their transformation results to the contest along with their photos “back”.

And since the inception of this company, true to our mission, we rejoice every time we “help people achieve their goals of living healthy and fulfilled lives”.

However, today, our move from the Beachbody platform to one simply called “BODi” allows us to celebrate a wider range of successes, the successes that happen. throughout the coursewell avant Visible results are captured in an “after” photo.

That’s why we’re doing away with the Beachbody Challenge Transformation Contest.

After a round of online voting in June 2023, the final two grand prize winners will be announced. Summer 2023.

We can’t wait to let you know that we are planning to celebrate the BODi testimonials that will achieve strong health respect For the new year. The focus will be on motivation, overcoming obstacles and feeling healthy. We will celebrate the very heart of the journey and reward those who so generously share their stories with us to inspire others.

More information to come in early 2023. In the meantime, take your eyes off the finish line and enjoy what it feels like to take care of yourself. today. You deserve it. Achieving a higher level of health esteem is not a difficult climb, but rather a series of small decisions made throughout the day, every day… most importantly being kind to yourself, including when you push your limits.

The Beachbody Challenge has been an adventure. We are so excited to enter this new era of health honors and celebrate your journey to achieving your goals and realizing who you are while living a healthy and fulfilling life. It is health esteem.

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