The benefits of walking in cold weather are worth it

Like many trends, hot girl walks have been misunderstood a time or two. Although the hashtag #hotgirlwalk has more than 511 million views on TikTok, they’re nothing particularly out of the ordinary—the term is just a cheeky name for going outside and enjoying a leisurely walk.

And don’t get me wrong: they’re not just for girls. Anyone can benefit from walking, whether it’s around the block or four miles long (as “Hot Girl Walk” creator Mia Lind suggests). “Walking is one of the most consistently underrated forms of exercise,” certified personal trainer Rachel Trotta previously said. good + good. “Contrary to popular understanding, you don’t have to absolutely beat yourself up to get a good workout.”

Another hot girl walking myth? That they must be hot.

Now that fall is in full swing and winter is just around the corner, you may be hesitant to continue walking outside. But remember: One of the key elements of taking a hot girl walk is getting outside, unplugging from the screen, and taking a moment to enjoy your surroundings and soak up some vitamin D—all of which can be equal. more Useful in the cooler months of the year.

“We now know that spending time in natural light helps reduce the risk of seasonal affective disorder and increases the vitamin D levels you need during the shorter days of the year, which lowers blood pressure and strengthens bones,” says personal trainer Jane Widerstrom, who Pikmin Bloom’s fitness expert, an app that makes walking more fun.

Working out in the cold can give you a bonus cardio boost: It makes your heart work harder to pump blood to your muscles.

“And your endorphins are pumping, which means a happier day ahead,” says Brianna Joy, fitness expert and founder of the Bold app at Brianna Joy Fitness. “I actually started a walk club in NYC called City Girls Who Walk, and most of the girls tell me they love walking, especially in the winter because it helps them wake up.”

Suffice it to say, sticking to your hot girl walk routine (or kickstarting one) in the months ahead is nothing short of a great idea—just be sure to layer up. “I always make sure I’m dressed properly, which means thick socks, leggings with fleece inside, a turtleneck sweater and my big cozy coat,” Joy shares. Need some recos? Find some of our favorite cold weather gear below.

Bundle from head to toe

Skim Slouch Socks – $16.00

That ’90s aesthetic desire? The Skims Slouch Sock has a scrunched silhouette and is made from a thick cotton, polyester and spandex blend that’s warm yet breathable. Best of all, they are sold in nine colors, so you can easily change your look.

Offline by Erie Warmup High Waisted Leggings — $35.00

Originally $50, on sale for $35

These stretchy high-rise leggings are made with the brand’s signature warm-up fabric, which is smooth on the outside and lined with soft, comfortable brushed fleece on the inside. They’re sold in black and heather gray. Oh, and did we mention they have pockets?!

Athleta Forestall Ascent Seamless Turtleneck — $79.00

From $28 to $79 depending on color choice

While thick sweaters can be comfortable, when you walk a few miles, you may find that they slow you down. That’s why we (and hundreds of other shoppers) love the Athleta Foresteal Ascent Seamless Turtleneck, which comes in seven colors. It’s lightweight and form-fitting, so it can easily be layered under other clothing, but it’s made of merino wool, so it adds an impressive layer of warmth to your overall outfit.

Free People Pippa Packable Puffer Jacket — $198.00

The same goes for coats—the heavier the coat, the more it can weigh you down when walking. Fortunately, super-light, super-warm options exist. Case in point: the Free People Pippa Packable Puffer Jacket. This best-selling jacket folds into a small pouch but when zipped up, it fluffs up and provides significant warmth. It features a comfortable and stylish high-low dolphin hem and is sold in 17 colors, including the color of choice for 2022: a vibrant red-orange.

Allbirds Wool Runners – $110.00

Taking it a step further, make sure your shoes are warm too. Allbirds wool runners are made of merino wool, so they lock in heat without making your feet feel sweaty. They come in five classic shades, nine limited edition and two sale colors (for $99).

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