The best workout to try for your zodiac

Everyone has a distinct “workout personality” or workout style that they naturally gravitate to. Maybe you are a long distance runner, or you tend to choose challenging high-impact workouts like HIIT or spinning classes. Maybe you have a preference for grounding yoga flow sessions instead or try to make your sweat sessions as fun as possible to distract yourself from what you are doing and instead just enjoy moving your body. Whatever your exercise personality, you can align it with your sun sign features — and it will help you identify the sweat-busting activity you add to your fitness regimen.

Even if you don’t know anything about astrology, it’s easy to see that it’s a real moment. And the admirable thing about modern astrology is that you can take exactly what resonates with you and give up everything else. Don’t relate what your horoscope says to you today? You can choose to forget about it and move on with your day. But if you want to let your zodiac sign create a blueprint for trying new things that you can enjoy – such as a dynamic new workout routine, for example – things can become really interesting here, even if you’re “unbelievable”.

Don’t know your mark? You can see it in an online birth chart generator. Then, keep reading to find out how you want to break a sweat.

Aries. As an animated fire sign, Aries when engaged in an exercise that ensures that they will break a sweat — and help them expend all their extra energy. Writer, astrologer and intuitionist Maria Sophia Marmanides shares, “For Aries, any activity that awakens their inner warrior is an ideal practice.” “This makes an activity like cardio kickboxing ideal for them so that they are able to drive their energy as they focus on mastering their form and improving their defensive skills.”

Taurus. Maria explains, “As a ground sign, Taurus has a deep appreciation for the outside, so they will be enriched with any activity that is combined with a long trek to explore nature that pumps their heart out.” “The perfect exercise for more everyday activity, walking, juggling or running around them – and then scaling it up for a trip to a national park that doubles as a camping trip.”

This will undoubtedly help bring Taurus back to Earth. And we mean literally – they are a sign of the earth, above all.

Gemini. Gemini will prefer a workout class that matches their high strength, as well as help them kick some butt. As an air sign, “Gemini likes diversity, which makes a HIIT class the perfect way to ensure that both their muscles and mind are constantly engaged when they move from one break set to the next,” Maria shares. “Added bonus: it increases their active zone minutes and then they can compare with their friends!”

Cancer. Water marks are the way to anything that can help cancer feel tangible. A deliberate Hatha Yoga class is a great option — especially if the crabs feel uncomfortable. “Grounding and meditation are very important for a Cancer because they are a sign that they are known to feel their emotions very intensely,” Maria added. “Whether in the studio, online or through the Fitbit Premium নি engaging in a hand yoga class can help them focus on breathing and sensory control, while deep stretching will help release stored energy.”

Leo For Leo, some steps that make you sweat and are not a little stylish. If they can reveal what they have received, the fire sign Leo will have time in their lives. “No one likes the spotlight like a Leo, so an activity that makes them feel like they can go to the center stage and be creative – while also burning calories – everything guarantees they’ll never miss a class,” Maria said. Say it “Lewis could try a dance cardio workout or even a pole dancing class so they can exercise while pumping club-themed playlists in the background.”

Virgin. You know what they say about Pilates and Barry classes — it’s the micro-movement that makes all the difference. For the daughter of the sign of detail-based earth, nothing could be more true than this. “As a very subtle sign, Virgos only improve when there is a defined process and purpose for the smallest movement,” Maria elaborates. “They should consider a bar or Pilates reformer class, which is a quieter, more systematic type of exercise that allows a large muscle group to work like their core by refining even the smallest of their muscle tensions.”

Cotton star This wind sign works especially well when they are involved in a sports team or other community-building workout activity. “As a social butterfly in the zodiac, Tulara does well in any kind of group game,” Maria says. “Having a weekly game or practice with their teammates ensures that they will have an activity on their calendar that they will be looking forward to going to. Tulara could sign up for a weekly kickball, volleyball or softball league – or even consider a team walking or running club. ”

Scorpio. Scorpio can really be a force to be reckoned with – be it in the gym or otherwise. “Scorpio can be intense, so any activity that can provide peace is ideal,” Maria shares. “These are water signs, so water-based activities can be very soothing on a physical, emotional and sensory level as they are naturally enriched with aquatic sports. An activity like stand-up paddle boarding allows them to work independently in a peaceful, quiet environment.”

Also, the Scorpios improve during the transition, and so a workout that they can really feel throughout the body where they feel most empowered.

Sagittarius. The fire sign goes something adventurous for Sagittarius. Many are fans of adventure sports, and if they move, they are happy. “Archers love to explore, so they will improve with an activity that allows them to experience a rapid change of scenery and, above all, fun,” Maria said. “Rollerblading is the perfect way for them to pump their adrenaline and repeat the same experience, as the environment will change somewhat as they move around the city day after day, either friend or alone.”

Capricorn. Is there a more industrious sign than Capricorn? This Earth sign certainly likes to work hard, play hard. Take them to a rock-climbing gym after a stressful day at work and they’ll happily break a sweat — and in the process, more likely to be a lightbulb moment of inspiration. “Height is important for Capricorn, the sign of the goat who likes to climb tall mountains or scaling seemingly gravity-resistant peaks,” Maria explains. “A session in a rock-climbing gym or jumping through stations in an indoor trampoline park will pump their heartbeat and give them a sense of accomplishment.”

Aquarius. The always unique Aquarius is self-reliant and community-minded. They are present with several new, unique, and / or a team-or at least others present to testify to their skills. “Aquarius is an air sign, which makes them a highly conceptual sign to thinkers,” Maria says.

“An activity like aerobic yoga puts them in their material, literally, encouraging them to perform through physical movements rather than being in their head. The added bonus of aerobic yoga is that it gives them freedom of movement so they don’t feel overly restricted by rules. And above all , What could be a better way to show their physical strength than to hang in the air?

Pisces. The sign of expressive water Pisces will find themselves with any water-related activity that may help them escape from real life for a while. Simply immersing themselves in the body of water, whether in the pool or under the waves of the ocean, is something they will revive for both body and mind. “Pisces is a deeply thoughtful sign,” Maria adds. “Activities like swimming – either in a pool, lake or ocean – or surfing will not only involve their mind-body level, but also remind them of their oneness with nature.”

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