The JLO trainer has broken down how to strengthen the glute

THe glutes the most powerful and largest muscle in our body. They help with strength, balance and stability among other things. As personal trainer Ashley Joey previously told Well + Good, “Strong glutes not only allow us to jump high or run fast, they are part of our back chain দিয়ে made up of hamstrings, glutes and low backs — that help keep us straight.” And if there’s one person who understands the importance of how to strengthen the glutes, it’s Jennifer Lopez, whose dedication to maintaining her iconic curve year after year is ambitious. It felt like a very early Christmas gift.

Last month, I met Sapaki, who worked with Lopez on her movie set Hustler And during its 2020 Super Bowl halftime show, through FlexIt — is a fitness app that lets you work and book with a personal trainer from virtually at home. Sapaki’s background was acrobatics, dance and ballet, so needless to say, we had adrenaline-pumping together from start to finish.

I booked two 30-minute sessions with her, and hoped to find out the secret to how to build strong hip muscles. But to my surprise, a strong back answer wasn’t necessarily in performing endless squats or laughing lungs (though, there’s nothing wrong with that).. Instead, each exercise was limited to about six to 10 repetitions and we did only two sets of each step. Needless to say, iIt wasn’t the hardest HIIT experience I was expecting – it was even better.

Here are three main ways I learned about how to strengthen the glutes

1. Include steps that target the gluteal muscles on your side

The buttocks have three parts: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimas. Or as Sapaki likes to say: top, middle / back and side. The key to strengthening the butt is to add rice that focuses on the three muscle groups. Squats, for example, are great for targeting your lower body and the upper and lower parts of your left, but they don’t really aim or strengthen the side. And unfortunately, this is an area that most people neglect, he says.

“A lot of times we get stuck doing an exercise that only does one thing [type of butt muscle]”But it’s really important to find exercises that are available in all three, so that, in the absence of a good period, you’re getting a better round loot,” he says.

One of the rice that was * painful * good for the gluteal muscle next to me was the knee sidekick. We only did eight repetitions on each leg, but my booty caught fire later. Look down.

@ taylorbell2020 took a class with JLO’s instructor Johanna Sapaki and this move is killer for your glute! Girlfriend – Ruger

2. More or less

Sapaki is a big believer in choosing slower, more controlled and focused exercises that activate your muscles instantly. This usually means finding steps that challenge you from the start. Sure, 50 squats will eventually build your butt muscles and set your left on fire, but Sapaki says it’s best to stack your workout with exercises that don’t require you to exhaust your butt muscles through a dozen repetitions to get results. Focus on complex movements such as single-leg deadlifts, for example.

3. Add different to challenge the same muscle

The body can become very efficient in the same steps over time, so it is important to constantly challenge your buttocks with new exercises. Again, squats help to sculpt a good default and surprisingly left, but according to Sapaki they are very “linear”. “In our day, we’re twisting, we’re pulling, we’re moving all our lives, aren’t we? So, I like to work the glutes in different ways that move our body at different angles, so it’s more applicable in all cases Gone, ”he explains.

Changing the exercise in this way not only helps you build strength, but it also allows your hip muscles to work in different directions, which means you get better work pressure.

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