The movement is good for everyone

I’m Tashion, and yes I’m a fat personal trainer based in Tacoma, Washington. “Tashion Chilas, CPT, introduced himself in an Instagram post. Fatphobic.There is still this toxic idea that there is only one specific way to stay healthy (e.g. thin, white, toned, but not Too much Muscular). And if you are in the doctor’s office as a person with a larger body, you may be told that whatever symptoms you have can be cleared up by weight loss, without diagnosing your real problems.

In addition, the fitness industry is not known to actually be included. “Fatphobic and transphobic trainers, gyms that do not meet the accessibility needs of people with disabilities and fitness clothing brands that do not carry sizes above 2XL are just a few examples of how the industry separates people,” said Elijah Parker, social founder at Justice Declining Fitness. Well + Good 6 But there are fitness professionals like Parker who want to change, and Chilas is among them. A theme throughout his post: Movement for All

Yes, larger bodies include people. “I believe the movement is for everyone, and I like to work with fellow fat / plus-size bodies who want to move their body or feel better for a specific goal or create a movement practice that is not connected to food culture. And fatphobia, “Chilas wrote in a caption. (Say again for those who are behind.) Pleasing share that he did not always have a healthy approach to movement. “Like many people, I’ve been involved with diet culture since I was a child. But I’m in such a good place and being able to be a supplier in this place to help people find better relationships with all movements,” she says.

If you need another reminder, Chillhouse wrote, “To train my fat and go to the gym in a fat body: you deserve a place where you decide to go, and if someone says something, look them straight in the eye and do whatever you want.”

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