The Shimmy Workout Advent Calendar raises money for charity

TThere are only so many no-brainers in life here. A popsicle in the summer? Yes when it comes to pet a cute dog and you say hi? You bet. But when it comes to fitness, motivation and choice—like what to do and for how long—can actually get in the way of greenlighting something.

Finally, an exercise “duh” has emerged: meet Shimmy, a new app designed to help people stay active while on vacation. It’s designed as an advent calendar, so there’s a new workout for each of the first 25 days of December until Christmas, though you don’t necessarily have to celebrate Christmas to get in on the action.

Shimmy Workout Advent Calendar
Photo: Chris Escamilla

Ready to get better stuff? First of all, the app is free! No financial commitment required. Second, each workout is only seven minutes long. Indeed, reheating frozen food in the microwave may take longer than that. And finally, if you complete all 25 workouts, Shimmy will donate $25 to charity. Win-win!

Workouts range from dance cardio to HIIT to yoga and more. You can create GIFs representing the workout you just did and fill out an emoji calendar to mark your progress—then share them on social media.

Shimmy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit funded through charitable donations. It was co-founded by Caitlin Krieger, who also runs the Future Justice Fund with her husband Mike Krieger (one of Instagram’s co-founders) and Nina Summerguliani, who most recently led Tonal’s product design.

Their workout advent calendar is raising money for three charities, splitting the funds between the three: The Chris Paul Family Foundation, which works to create equal opportunities for families “in education, sports and life”; Baby 2 Baby, which provides clothing, diapers and other necessities to children living in poverty; and Change Minds, which is working to end the stigma around mental health issues. Chris Paul and Baby2Baby ambassador Jessica Alba are both promoting the Shimmy Challenge.

The mini-workouts are meant to be a “fun-sized” way to get your blood pumping for a good cause, both for charity and your own health. It certainly makes for some happy holidays.

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