The Ultimate 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift shopping for the important people in your life is one of the joys of the holidays, but trying to find that special something for your special someone can be nerve-wracking.

For your health-focused loved ones – and shouldn’t that be all of them? – We have some great gift ideas.

1. Stay hydrated with this connected water bottle

Smartphone connected water bottle  Holiday Gift Guide

Staying hydrated is essential, especially for your active friends.

How much water you drink each day depends on the individual, but setting a goal is a logical step to keeping healthy and happy.

Using a smart water bottle like Hidrate’s Spark connects to your smartphone or fitness tracking device and tracks your progress.

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2. Sleep tight with a new night light

Casper Glow Light |  Holiday Gift Guide

Honestly, everyone needs a good night’s sleep, so gift the chronically tired people in your life with this automatic light.

As bedtime approaches, the warm light dims and helps to relax. In the morning, light wakes you up.

You control the brightness with gestures (like moving it!), and the whole thing is wireless.

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3. A spiralizer for the chef in your life

Spiralizer  Holiday Gift Guide

Replacing traditional pasta with vegetables is an effective strategy for reducing starchy carbohydrates.

This OXO tabletop model makes quick work of zucchini, potatoes and butternut squash. Who’s ready to cook?

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4. Plyometric box for your fitness buddy

Titan Plyometric Box |  Holiday Gift Guide

Step up your loved one’s fitness game with this amazing, adjustable plyometric box from Titan

Find your fitness comfort level with the three-in-one adjustable height, making your workout as challenging as you want.

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5. Travel this season with a great new duffle bag

herschel duffel bag |  Holiday Gift Guide

Don’t call it a gym bag! A on weekends, Like Herschel’s novel bag, perfect for a quick getaway after vacation.

It’s small enough to fit in the overhead bin on a plane and big enough for your sneakers, sweats and a jump rope.

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6. Practice non-attachment with wireless headphones

Jabra headphones  Holiday Gift Guide

Do you know someone who insists on wearing wired earbuds, claiming the AirPods won’t?

Help expand their sound experience with these awesome wireless, over-ear headphones

Jabra’s Moves headphones are lightweight yet sturdy, stay in place and look good enough to wear even when you’re not sweating.

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7. Get running with a personal blender

nutribullet |  Holiday Gift Guide

A blender is probably found on your friend’s wedding registry, but a personal blender is perfect for any occasion.

The Nutribullet Pro consistently outperforms its competition, making smoothies faster (especially to-go!).

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8. Cool your worries with a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets  Holiday Gift Guide

Regardless of whether weighted blankets actually work, they feel really nice and look good.

Bearaby’s Tree Napper is hand-woven, breathable and super-soft — and it’s plant-based.

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9. Squat in the New Year with Kettlebells

Kettlebell  Holiday Gift Guide

Kettlebells are a staple of many workout regimens.

As versatile and fun as they are, you’re unlikely to find a kettlebell in most of your friends’ homes.

Change that this season with a generous gift of Yes4All’s Cast-Iron Kettlebell.

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10. Yoga is a temporary exercise, so carry a travel yoga mat.

yogo yoga mat |  Holiday Gift Guide

Don’t try to guess what the yogis in your life prioritize, mat-wise—choosing a yoga mat is not a trivial experience. But a travel mat is likely to go on like a nice, long one savasana.

The YOGO Travel Yoga Mat is both a mat and a carrier (thanks to the attached strap), and it folds up tightly to stash away in an overnight bag.

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