This afro groove dance routine benefits your mind and body

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of good + good Coach of the Month Club All about giving you bite-sized workouts to fit into your daily schedule. And while we usually publish weekly high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training, or yoga exercises this week, we’re shaking things up. In this episode, dance educator Kine Kamara walks you through a 20-minute Afro Groove dance routine to shake up your workout routine and get those good dancing endorphins flowing.

True to its name, Afro dance refers to a style of energetic and fun rhythmic movement that originated in Africa. And even if you’re brand new to this groove, don’t worry: Camera’s got you. “If you’ve never danced the Afro before, fear not! We’re going…[be] Covering some basics and techniques for you, so you feel like a star today,” she says.

As with all forms of dance, the camera’s afro groove carries some serious physical and mental benefits. “Physically, dance is a full-body workout that allows you to move every muscle in your body,” 305 Fitness founder and CEO Sadie Kurzban previously told Well+Good. “Through dancing, you also get the added benefit of connecting the brain to the body. You’re learning a lot of coordination, agility, neuromuscular control and balance—skills that help you in any athletic field, but certainly your memory and daily functioning as you age. helps protect.”

Plus, learning the choreography and moving to the beat can even give you a “dancer’s high” thanks to those free-flowing happy chemicals known as endorphins.

If you’re ready to experience this routine for yourself, go ahead, press play on the video and let the camera be your guide to the afro dance.

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