This Beginner’s Mobility Yoga Flow Boost Circulation

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Whenever my cat wakes up, he engages in a quick stretching routine before moving to a new sleeping area (cat pose and downward facing dog, if you know). There’s a lesson here, isn’t there? It’s hard to wake up, but the rapid flow of yoga can help give you energy for whatever you have in your day – even if you No. There is the luxury of going back to sleep.

In this week’s episode Instructor of the month club, Palin Anis, a yoga instructor and mirror instructor, guides you through a new dynamic yoga flow designed to awaken your body. “Today’s exercise is going to increase performance and build spinal mobility, so let’s get into this flow with lots of twists,” he said at the top of the video.

Yoga twists are good for your body for many reasons: they refresh your spine, help you maintain a full range of motion on your back, and ease the excitement you feel as a result of arching on your computer all day, every day. It is also worth mentioning that they feel IncredibleEspecially gentle ones are those who serve up this stream of Anice.

In this class, you will be able to perform delicious postures such as rolling chair pose (Sanskrit alternate Utkatasana), rolling lunge (substitute Anjaneyasana), and a spinal twist (Jathara Parivartanasana) as well as lots of front folding and core movements. Warm up for the day ahead.

At the end of Anis’s class, you will feel that you have been given a brand new spine. Or — OK, OK — you’ll at least feel like you’ve taken a yoga class equivalent to a giant cup of coffee.

So, do a favor for your future spine: take your leggings, yoga mat and water bottle. Then, line up Anice’s videos and follow for yourself.

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