This daily stretching routine only requires 5 minutes

YYou know that feeling when you roll out your yoga mat with the intention of getting the best stretch… and suddenly forget every stretch you’ve learned? If this sounds familiar, you can benefit from an expanded daily routine that you can memorize once—and experience the benefits for a lifetime. And luckily, Clara Benny, founder of Good Day Pilates, has created the perfect sequence for you.

In this week’s episode Coach of the Month Club, Beiny dreamed up a five-movement daily yoga class that loosens the muscles in your neck, side body, shoulders, hips, hamstrings — you name it. In total, this bite-sized class is about five minutes long—so it’s easy to slot into your morning ritual, lunch break, or pre-bed routine.

Very soon, you will know this stretch by heart. But for now, go ahead and grab your comfy clothes, line up the video and start moving

Baini’s 5-Move Daily Stretch Routine

1. Seated cat-cow

Come to sit on your shins (or on a block, if that’s more comfortable for you). Raise your arms overhead. Interlock your fingers at the top of your neck and gently drop your head into this temporary swing, lifting your chest as you do so. Look at the ceiling and breathe. Slowly, return to center and pull your chin toward your chest, arching your back like a cat as you do this. Move your chest back and forth between opening and closing.

2. Seated side stretch

Sitting, walk your left fingertips about a foot from your hip. Raise your right arm alongside your right ear, gently bending to the left without letting your chest spiral toward the ground. Feel the stretch on your entire right side. Return to center and repeat on other side.

3. Needle thread

Get on your hands and knees. Take a moment to double check that your hips are directly over your knees and your shoulders are directly over your wrists. Reach your right hand to the ceiling to your right, allowing your gaze to follow. Then gently thread that right arm under the chest. Place your right cheek and right shoulder on the mat. Spiral your right chest to the right. take a breath Slowly come out of the pose and then switch sides.

4. Downward Dog

Get back on all fours. Tuck your toes and lift your hips toward the sky, keeping a generous bend in the knees. Do whatever feels best here: shift your weight from side to side, bend the knees to touch the chest, or lift one leg at a time to open the hips. You decide.

5. Front folding standing

From your downward dog, walk the hands back to meet the feet. Bend your knees enough so that your chest covers them and you feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Let your fingertips graze the floor or grab your elbows with each hand.

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