This holiday season, give the gift of health

*Note: This article is intended for our Canadian readers.

This holiday season, health and happiness are sure to be at the top of everyone’s list.

So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a special list of premium wellness-focused gifts to help you get your holiday shopping off to a good start and find the perfect health and wellness gift for you.

Check out our holiday gift guide, full of delicious and healthy gifts for everyone on your list, from dessert lovers to kids with a sweet tooth. The workout buff.

And for the holiday pastry chef?

Shakeology Brownies or Caramel and ChocolateOur delicious new limited-edition superfood dessert shake is just what every holiday baker (and healthy chocolate lover) needs.

This is a delicious decadent treat that anyone can enjoy this holiday season.

As the holidays approach, get ready to celebrate health and happiness and show your gratitude to everyone you love by giving them a special holiday gift that’s not only good for their body and mind, but good for you too!

For dessert lovers:

Shakeology (In his favorite flavor!)

Shakeology delivers a unique and powerful blend of superfood nutrients in a deliciously decadent dessert.

Treat your favorite dessert lover to an awesome superfood shake designed to nourish your entire body and help you feel better than you ever thought possible.*

For travelers:

power up

Help the commuters in your life get through their toughest workouts with more energy and focus.††

†† Contains caffeine, which improves mental acuity during intense muscle activity.

For fans of glowing skin:

Beachbody Collagen Boost

Give Beachbody Collagen Boost as a gift to the glowing skin lovers on your list. It helps increase skin elasticity and promote healthy nails, with just one targeted daily scoop.*

For kids who like sweet treats:

BEACHBAR Mint Chocolate Chips

Surprise kids (and those who keep their inner child!) with our new chocolate and mint treats

For holiday bakers:

Shakeology Brownies or Caramel and Chocolate

Treat your favorite holiday baker to this irresistible limited-edition superfood shake that tastes like a delicious dessert.

It will delight his taste buds so much that he may forget that it contains powerful superfood ingredients that support health and wellness.

For the workout buff:

Beachbody bike

Power slide resistance slide disc

Resistance band or power loop resistance band

Added gear from 6 weeks of work

Give the workout buffs on your list an easy way to upgrade their home exercise room with this must-have fitness equipment.

For weightlifters:


Pamper your hard-working weightlifter with the perfect gift to help speed up their muscle recovery and build lean muscle mass so they can tackle their next workout even harder.

For jet-setters:

Kit for the weekend

Pack an all-in-one gift that contains everything your jet-setter needs to fuel their training journey at home or on the go.

And don’t forget the perfect stocking stuffers…

For your training partner:

Sachets d’Energize

For children (and those who have their children’s souls):

BEACHBAR snack bar


Some products, flavors and combinations may not be available in your market.

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