This permanent yoga flow provides relief from the tension of the whole body

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Fact: You don’t need a mat or any other equipment to do a great yoga practice. We will prove it to you. In this week’s episode Instructor of the month clubYoga Instructor and Mirror Instructor Palin Anis shares a lasting yoga flow that does not require single help and will make you feel refreshed for days to come.

If you have 15 minutes, you have enough time to go through the lightning-fast flow of anise. “It can be done anywhere: away from your desk, in the break room. No matter where you are, just take a moment and connect with your body,” says Anis as the class begins. You’ll be on your feet the whole time, but don’t worry- you’ll still get a great stretch.

Anis begins the sequence with one round of pranayama (or breathing work) using an exercise called “breathing of joy.” You will find a combination of hand movements with large breaths and exhalations to relieve stress and tension from the body. Then, you move on in your own way.

Although this exercise lasts less than 20 minutes, the anis manages to work the whole body’s mobility and flexibility with postures such as side bending, lunges and front folds. But instead of keeping you steady in each seat, he encourages you to walk around, especially to unlock a hard spot.

Eventually, you will feel loose and ready to go back to your desk. Also, this class may be a reminder to you that yoga doesn’t always have to be a formal matte plus props affair; The simple act of waking up and moving your body can make a significant difference in your daily well-being. So (no) take off your yoga mat and press play for Anis’s on-your-foot flow.

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