This quick mobility is easy on workout joints

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Whether it’s your tight buttocks, a stiff neck, or pressure on your lower back, focusing on your mobility is aimed at slow, effective movement that aims to increase your range of motion in different joints. And in today’s episode of Trainer of the Month, Nike trainer Nicholas has come to do just that. With just one yoga mat and one (optional!) Block, Nicholas takes you through a series of exercises aimed at extending your body deeper, more dynamically.

Since there are two things involved in increasing your mobility – the flexibility and strength of all the muscles around the different joints of your body, you will mainly focus on your neck, shoulders, wrists and buttocks. Nicholas starts with a simple round of shoulder circles to wake up your upper arm joint. From there, you’ll work your way up to the wrists of your hands, even before you enter the curls of some fingers, slowly stretching the neck with the support head circle, before you really feel like you’re going down the shoulders and arms.

Soon you will see yourself flowing through a series of side lunges to help open the tight buttocks, which can often be a side effect of sitting, with Nicholas having some seated buttocks moving before finishing the exercise and a supported cool down lying on your back. And breathing with the mind to thank your body for all the work.

If you want to work on your mobility and really want to relax those tight muscles and joints, click play in the video above.

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