This quick upper body workout feels-good and fast

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Many things can happen in 10 minutes: you can make a coffee pot, get life-changing news, or feel the whole spectrum of human emotions while watching Stranger Things Season four and what else do you know? You can quickly fit into an upper body workout that challenges every muscle in your back, arms and core. Just ask Morit Summer, the founder of Form Fitness.

In this week’s installment Instructor of the month club, Summer takes you through a quick and powerful strength training class that requires two dumbbells. Throughout the 10-minute class, you’ll experiment with two sets of five classic fitness moves that challenge your lats, triceps, biceps, and deltoid. (So, basically, the upper part of your whole body.)

Summer begins with a curved class before guiding you through push-ups, Arnold Press, lateral race, and bicep curls: a combo that works equally well on both this tension and push muscle group.

For each step, Summers says you will complete about 10 to 12 repetitions, but he also notes that it Yours Class So if you want to use heavier weights and complete less repetitions then this is fine. The important thing is to be familiar with the steps so that the next time you have 10 minutes, you will notice that you are feeling more comfortable with each movement.

And if you feel a little fitness vibe, hey, you can always run twice in a row through strength training sessions. (Four sets, here you come!) Just grab your towel and water bottle, then press play in the video above.

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