Thread the Needle Pose: The Right Way to Do It

AAs far as the Swiss Army goes, the Swiss are top tier. Whether you’re warming up for an upper body workout, running a few stretches on your lunch break, or decompressing post-HIIT session, this is a great way to mobilize and stretch your entire back. But the question is: are you doing it right?

“[Thread the needle] A great stretch for your upper back and your shoulders, says Chloe de Winter, founder of Go Chlo Pilates, in this week’s episode. the right way. Threading the needle involves getting down on your hands and knees and – you guessed it! – Threading an arm under your chest to release tension in your spine, neck and shoulders. It’s a juicy stretch, but according to de Winter, here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

According to him, the biggest problem he sees is the lack of control in performing movement patterns. For example, you might kneel down and then swing your arms open, leaving yourself open to pain in your neck or strain on your back. Instead, de Winter says, this movement should be deliberate and slow: You reach one arm up, then slowly pull it under your chest before placing your ear to the ground.

“Another mistake I see a lot is the head and neck not following the movement,” says de Winter. Again, in this case, you’re weakening your neck out of alignment with the rest of your spine. Instead, make sure your gaze follows your fingertips as you reach for the sky and then tuck your hand under your chest.

Now that you know the two most common mistakes people make with this move, you’re ready to do it right Make sure you watch the full video with De Winter to learn the ins and outs of this exercise. Happy shoulder stretch.

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