Try these pre-pilot stretches to increase your flow

Pilates is a movement exercise that uses slow, fluid movements that engage your muscles (primarily your core muscles) to build strength and increase flexibility and mobility. Since it has less of an effect and burns are hidden on you, it’s easy to think that you can go straight to a workout without priming your muscles to move first. But if you don’t warm up properly, that slow burn can be a little less Too A good pre-Pilates stretch is one way to make sure your workout goes as smoothly as possible.

This warm-up routine from Pilates instructors Brian Spencer and Chloe de Winter is a perfect example of a pre-workout flow to keep your blood pumping and muscles beautiful and stable. It is an 11-minute guided movement that allows viewers to focus on themselves and their bodies so that they can prepare mentally and physically for any Pilates class, regardless of the level of intensity.

Spencer began a deep stretch routine with a deep, full-body stretch, reaching to the top of his arms before folding forward, pressing his hands to the floor. (Holding your ankle or calf also works তাই so bend your knees slightly to bring them closer to the floor.)

Other stretched parts of the video include a downward dog, for which you keep your hands pressed to the floor and walk back until your body forms a triangle. This deep extension targets your calf, hamstrings, glutes, hips and shoulders. From there, you will move one leg forward in a low lunge posture with a rotation, bend deeply through that knee, twist your chest and twist towards your front leg, using your opposite hand on the floor for support. This position is a beautiful, deep hamstring and aims your diagonals while extending the lower body.

To the end, stretch a deep hamstring, as the name implies, pointing to the back of your thighs. From this twist-lunge position, you will straighten your front leg while your glutes return to your heels, leaning towards the buttocks to pull your chest forward over your extended leg.

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