Using visualization for muscle growth can actually work

H.Have you ever noticed how often fitness trainers and influencers emphasize the importance of visualization? Heck, some boutique fitness studios, such as Orange Theory, plaster their walls with inspirational phrases to help with the visualization process.

Witnessing your potential physical success in the eyes of your mind can help increase focus and boost self-confidence, there are benefits to visualization practice that reach beyond the mind completely. According to a 2014 study conducted by researchers at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, mental image exercise can actually prevent physical muscle weakness এমনকি even without literally moving a muscle. Just imagining yourself can delay muscle atrophy and make you stronger.

Who knew the power of thought really, We willToo strong?

How does visualization strengthen muscles?

Researchers at Ohio University tested their mind-over-muscle theory by placing participants in a stationary cast around their wrists for four weeks. One group was asked to visually bend their arm muscles for 11 minutes five days a week, the other group was not instructed in any way. Once everyone’s cast was removed, the researchers found that those who were flexible with all their mental strength were twice as strong as the others.

Although it was not only their muscles that were strong, they also had nervous pathways in their minds – which was evidenced by magnetic imaging and was probably the cause of the increase in physical strength.

“What our study suggests is that exercise can be a valuable tool in preventing or slowing down muscle weakness when a health problem limits or restricts a person’s mobility,” said study author Brian Clark, a neuroscientist at Ohio University Heritage College of Physiology and Neuroscience. Osteopathic medicine, said in a press release.

Needless to say, these results are potential for neurohability (such as after a stroke) as well as for those who are simply trying to recover from an injury. For seniors who are not able to work as sincerely as they used to, actively imagining during the gym can keep their muscles strong.

Is it worth a try?

Some scientists in the field believe that more research is needed to determine the effectiveness of visualization. “Despite the vast literature on the subject, there is no definitive understanding of the effect of mental image perspectives on muscle strength,” a scholarly article on the subject, which was published Journal of Sports Science and Medicine In 2016, the fall. “In fact, the literature presents different and sometimes opposing views.”

Nonetheless, physical therapist Sandra Gayle Frena, founder of Hudson Premier Physical Therapy and Sports in New Jersey and an expert in the world of rehabilitation, says the technique has great benefits.

“Mental Image Exercise is a neurocognitive approach to visualization techniques that is often used for people who want to relax and move to a better mind-place where they create experiences with sensitive information in their minds without stimulation,” he explains. Examples include self-talk, goal setting, meditation, and quiet visualization. “Practicing these imagery exercises – which can be either visual, dynamic or auditory – is a healthy coping approach.”

And it’s someone who wants to get the most out of a bad situation – not just an injured athlete. “A high-stress situation puts a person in a state of emotional turmoil, so immersion in it will activate the motor regions of the brain and alter performance and even mood,” Frena said. “Focusing on mental images without external stimuli can be just as helpful as physical exercise.”

Athletes often use this method to prepare for competition without putting extra work on their body. To make this technique most effective, trainers will train their instructors to communicate as sensitively as possible করে by imagining how an exercise looks, feels, or even sounds.

So the next time you find yourself in a position where physical exertion is not possible — or an example where you just want to move from a holistic position to your fitness-remember that portraying your performance can only be a secret to your success.

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