Watch the inspiring new documentary, ‘The State of Wellness,’ hosted by

We’re excited to share an incredible new short-form documentary state of well-being, hosted by Academy Award-winning director Jimmy Chin and brought to you by Fitbit and Vox Media, focuses on different ways to achieve overall wellness and wellness. Based on the results of a survey that inspired a wellness report on, these lessons reveal what Americans think about wellness by 2023—and help us state of well-being Life.

The documentary features Chin, a mountain athlete and National Geographic photographer known for directing free singles, Shares what “health” means to him. He shares some of his own trials, tribulations and successes and how he uses fitness devices like Fitbit to achieve overall wellness.

state of well-being Also features experts and athletes from around the country who demonstrate their daily rituals around sleep, activity and mindfulness and how it helps them live longer, healthier lives. it is Introduces viewers to ultramarathon runner and advocate LaToya Shante Snell, who is breaking the rules of what strength, fitness and wellness look like; Marcial Aguilar, coach and climber at Brooklyn-based climbing gym Vital; and Jacqueline Toomey, founder of First Responder Sleep Recovery, who uses evidence-based skills and information to teach first responders that sleep is the foundation of health.

you can see state of well-being Now on Vox’s YouTube channel. Check it out here.

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