What is a meditation pillow and which one should you buy?

A meditation pillow is one related to– Aging accessory designed with your comfort in mind during your mindfulness practice.

For a better meditation experience, keep reading to see our top six recommendations for expert-approved meditation pillows.

What is a meditation pillow?

A meditation pillow supports your body during meditation. The cushion tilts your hips slightly forward to keep the natural curve of your spine intact for optimal comfort.

A meditation pillow is often filled with a firm, hearty material, so you can avoid slipping on the floor.

“A meditation pillow creates proper posture to elongate your spine and release tension from your body, allowing you to feel more relaxed and experience fewer physical sensations or distractions,” says Jennifer Fuller, E-YRT 500, Lake Tahoe. Yoga Instructor, California. “Sitting with a long, extended, erect spine helps energy move more freely.”

When you sit on a pillow specially designed for meditation, you can avoid putting extra stress on your joints.

You allow your sacrum to point at an angle, which research shows is excellent for lumbar comfort.

Do I need a meditation cushion?

Woman meditating in sunlight  meditation pillow

Have you ever felt a dull ache in your lower abdomen or got pins and needles in your legs and feet after sitting for too long?

If so, then you can understand why you need a meditation cushion.

“I encourage some type of cushion or pillow when sitting for meditation,” says Fuller. “Your meditation experience is greatly enhanced by adding a meditation pillow that elevates the hips above the knees and helps restore blood flow to the legs and feet.”

Your knee takes stress when it is kept in a flexed position for too long without anything to relieve the pain.

According to Fuller, your meditation cushion is a prop that can help reduce stress on your knees while you sit, so you feel relaxed and comfortable meditating.

After all, how can you be aware when your body is hurting and screaming at you?

Whether you choose to sit quietly or use Beachbody On Demand Sound Meditation, with soothing frequencies to shift your brain into a more relaxed, meditative state, you’ll be grateful for the extra relaxation.

The best meditation pillow to support your practice

Fuller prefers simple, round meditation pillows for her practice, but she believes that choosing the right meditation cushion for you is essential to an enjoyable meditation session.

Key features Fuller recommends looking for when choosing a meditation cushion include:

  • height
  • stability
  • Comfort on the feet
  • Design aesthetics (color, shape)
  • Price – More expensive does not mean better

1. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Oval Meditation Cushion

Brentwood Home Meditation Cushion |  Meditation pillow

The Crystal Cove Oval Meditation Cushion, designed by yoga instructor Angela Kukhan, is perfect for the health-conscious yogi’s soft, stretchy fabric made with formaldehyde-free materials outdoors. The cushion has a sturdy buckwheat-filled base that will create a luxurious meditation experience on your body.

Where to buy: Brentwood Home

2. Walden Cushion Set

Walden Meditation Cushion Set |  Meditation pillow

The Walden set comes with a meditation cushion and a meditation mat. In this set, both items are filled with extremely soft, organic and hypoallergenic materials, and they will adapt to your body. For those who prefer to relax, they have a top layer of gel-infused memory foam.

Price: $245
Where to buy: Walden

3. Dharamshilp Lux Woven Jafu Jabutan Set

Dharma Meditation Pillow Cushion Set |  Meditation pillow

The Luxe Woven Jafu Jabutan Set is for the versatile yogi/meditator who enjoys exploring the various benefits of meditation out there and prefers elegant aesthetics.

The set comes in three different colors and consists of all-natural, chemical-free cotton that is piled to form a durable inner cushion.

Price: $189
Where to buy: Sugarmat

4. Gaim Halfmoon Crescent Meditation Cushion

Gaiam Half Moon Meditation Pillow  Meditation pillow

Gaim’s Crescent Meditation Cushion guarantees spinal support. Designed by yogis for yogis, it’s tightly packed with flexible buckwheat that will conform to your shape/shape.

Price: $44.98
Where to buy: by singing

5. Florensi Meditation Cushion

Florensi Meditation Cushion |  Meditation pillow

You’ll want to stay in your zen zone with the Florence Meditation Cushion. Made of durable materials, it will withstand years of use from the most dedicated practitioner.

Where to buy: the amazon

6. Alexia Meditation Seat Vegan Leather

Alexia Meditation Chair |  Meditation pillow

Need extra support to get through your meditation practice? Let the Alexia Meditation Seat hold you as it adapts to the natural curve of your spine with its amazing ergonomics.

Price: $319.95
Where to buy: Alexia

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