Why do I feel tired on the Sabbath? Ask an instructor

A The golden rule of fitness is that your recovery days are just as important as your workout days. These much-needed breaks refresh your muscle tissue and protect it from injury. But if you find that your R&D days are making you more tired than your days at the gym, trainers say there is a simple explanation.

Here’s the deal: In the days of recovery, you’re relatively stagnant. (Maybe you’re doing some light stretching or a big time Netflix-in.) Just because your heart rate is at rest, however, doesn’t mean the rest of your body is getting cold.

“Your body is doing some serious work at rest,” he says Amanda Freeman, its founder SLT And Extended * d. “This is literally the time when your muscle tissue heals and rebuilds from your workout. This is the time of rest / repair when your body becomes stronger so that it can handle more strain-heavy weights, long runs, quick breaks, etc. “In other words, your body works hard to ensure that tomorrow’s workout is great.

To fully recover from hard work, your system needs to replenish two things: carbohydrates and fluids. Studies indicate that it takes about 24 hours for your body to recover its carbohydrate stores and at least a few hours to reabsorb the necessary fluids. It’s a pretty quick change time, isn’t it?

Our body tissues, however, take a little longer: Studies indicate that in order to fully recover, we need to cycle several weeks through active and rest periods (and gain the benefits that Freeman talked about above). When you take a day off, your body doesn’t have to add energy to your workout, so it repairs your muscles. This can take a toll on your energy level.

Also, if you are a morning workout person, Fightcamp instructor Jess Evans said that while you sleep No. Getting up at 6:30 am workout can add to your feeling of fatigue. “You may be on a different schedule which may involve sleeping, and it may make you more tired. I would recommend staying as close to a schedule as possible and going out into nature or eating a meal to help with that mind and body fatigue.” Short walks to help refresh your mind, “she says. Doing an extra dose of sunlight will help your circadian rhythm.

Of course, it is also possible that your rest day activities are depleting your energy. Maybe you’re preparing meals for the week ahead, or watching the whole season Stranger ThingsAnd you can see that these activities (though great) are shedding your eyelids. If this is the case, you can choose strong, yet calm, active recovery options such as a simple hike, foam rolling or going out for a low-key swim.

Overall, trainers say it’s good to find out how to enjoy your rest days because they are so important not just for your physical well-being, but for your mental health as well.

“Rest days are not only important, they are essential. Sometimes new athletes struggle with this idea, but the time devoted to rest and recovery is just as important as the time we set aside for our fitness goals. It takes time to repair body and mind. Exercise strain,” he said. Solecycle Master Trainer Chris Leda. So find a way to love them, fame — these are the key to ensuring that you can work for many years to come.

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