Why windshield wipers are Hailee Steinfeld’s favorite abs move

TThe year was 2019, and Hailee Steinfeld’s abs were, in her own words, “poppin’.” So when he stopped by for an interview The The Kelly Clarkson ShowThe host asked about his abs routine and inadvertently started a rumor that is still circulating the internet about Steinfeld and how hardcore he is when it comes to training his abs.

“I just remember that moment,” Steinfeld said during a chat with Well+Good at Core Hydration, for which Steinfeld is a spokesperson. The memory burned into the actress and singer’s mind as Clarkson casually asked if Steinfeld “did 3,000 crunches a day,” to which Steinfeld said, “Every day. 3,000 is the number.”

“I was just kidding!” Steinfeld says now, throwing his hands in the air. Still, his answer sparked articles and conversation at the time, to the extent that Steinfeld’s supposed 3,000-crunch abs routine became a pop culture moment. “It was absolutely a thing,” Steinfeld says with a sigh.

Clarkson had good reason to ask about Steinfeld’s abs routine. She works with her father, Peter Steinfeld, a personal trainer and hockey The star says that both fitness and recovery are a big part of her life.

So what’s Steinfeld doing to keep those abs poppin’ if he’s not doing 3,000 crunches a day?

Currently, his favorite move is a diagonal-focused exercise called the windshield wiper. It involves lying on your back, on the tabletop with your knees bent (knees over hips, shins parallel to the floor) or straight (which is more challenging) and raising your legs to a 45-degree angle. Hands can press to the floor by your sides or behind your head (hardest variation). From there, you slowly lower your legs from side to side with control.

Steinfeld likes this move because he says he’s tricking himself into feeling like he’s lying down. “I convince myself that it’s really not a lot of work,” Steinfeld says. “And that’s what gets me through it.” Steinfeld is a big fan of using mental techniques to power her workouts. She previously told Well+Good that imagining how amazing she’ll feel after a workout is her secret weapon when she doesn’t really want to work out.

But especially when it comes to windshield wipers, Steinfeld can play that mental game with himself, because they’re a super-challenging move that engages your entire core. It includes your internal and external obliques, as well as other muscle groups “like your rectus abdominis, erector spinae and your hip flexors,” says Azul Korazoria, a certified health coach and personal trainer. “In the movement, you’re holding your leg in an isometric hold and rotating, so it requires a lot of strength and control within a significant, unstable range of motion.”

The key to getting it right is to maintain good form, stay in control and not let gravity or momentum do the work. “When doing the windshield wiper, keep your lower back on the ground, don’t arch it, and don’t engage your core muscles,” Corazoria says. “Go slow so you can control the weight, and don’t let your feet touch the floor on either side.”

There are multiple ways to adjust windshield wipers according to your fitness level

“Windshield wipers are an advanced move, so if they feel impossible at first, modify the movement and work your way up to them,” Corazoria says. “Some great ways to do this are to bend your knees 90 degrees (instead of keeping your legs straight) and shorten your range of motion (don’t go deep from side to side). If you want to make it harder, you can put an exercise ball between your legs. , bring your arms closer to your body or hang from a pull-up bar instead of lying on the floor.”

Remember, windshield wipers are just one part of Steinfeld’s extensive fitness routine under the supervision of her pro-trainer father. The real secret to these abs is obviously a personalized fitness regimen. But for a little Fitspo, you can incorporate this exercise into your own routine, and enjoy that time on the floor, just like she does.

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